Living In Color.

A Love Story Like No Other.

In this moving and honest memoir, Mike tells the story of his wife Margot’s nine-year battle with cancer and the courageous attitude with which she lived each day of her life. He also offers a window into the often-overlooked role of the caregiver, sharing his own struggles with unflinching honesty, humor and insight.

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Six weeks or six months. The doctor is looking at us like he’s waiting for a response. Does he think he’s offering us a choice? I turn to look at my wife, Margot, who is sitting beside me. Her face is shadowed by the excruciating pain she’s been enduring for the past few weeks, but her expression is calm. The only sign of tension is a slight indentation between her brows—those perfect arcs that she has been drawing on with a pencil every morning for almost a decade. Her glossy dark hair has fallen out and grown back more times than I can count, but her eyebrows were sacrificed forever to her first bout with chemotherapy, nine years ago when she was just twenty-nine. Beneath the penciled curves, her beautiful brown eyes are clear—soft with acceptance, but strong. I know, without asking, that she’s ready to fight. Again. Her oncologist has just confirmed what we pretty much already knew—Margot’s cancer, which she’s been battling for most of the time I’ve known her, is back. And this time it is in her brain. The technical term for her condition is Leptomeningeal Carcinomatosis. The nontechnical translation, which our other doctor gave me on the telephone a few days
ago, is that it’s about the worst possible thing that could happen for her….

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Living in Color is the extraordinary true story of the last 6 months of the life of Margot Murphy after a 9 year battle with cancer, written by her husband, Mike Murphy. Unflinching in its honesty and transparency, the story is a riveting inside look at a love story for the ages, one that men and women only dream of but may never experience in their lifetime.

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What Do Others Think?

I believe this is a book that anyone with a loved one fighting cancer should read – if they want to truly understand what it is they’re going through. Told with such empathy and understanding, filled with takeaways and philosophical ideals about life and death and love, this is a book that will, once read, stay with you forever.

Shannon Hovey

A well-written, touching tale of a family’s struggle to grapple with tragic circumstances. Ultimately, this is an uplifting read that includes well-developed characters and a carefully constructed narrative that manages to snag readers not just with the details of Margot’s battle with cancer, but with the story of how she and Murphy fell in love.

Kirkus Indie

This is not just another cancer memoir. Mike's honest and unflinching account of his wife Margot's final battle with breast cancer transcends its harrowing subject matter to deliver a surprisingly uplifting message. Anyone who is suffering from cancer, caring for a cancer patient, or has lost a loved one to the disease should read this beautiful book.

Marcia Weider, CEO of Dream University

About The Author

Mike Murphy has been a successful automobile dealer in the San Francisco Bay Area for the past 35 years. In 2012 he founded the Love from Margot Foundation to honor his late wife, Margot. In 2014 he published his first book Love Unfiltered, a Wall Street Journal best-seller. In 2018 another best-seller The Creation Frequency was published. His two passion projects, this book, Living in Color, tells the story of what an amazing woman his late wife Margot was and how her love changed his life. And Mountains of Hope Retreat Center in Medellin Colombia, where women from the Love from Margot Foundation can go to find deep peace and learn to experience deep healing.

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